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The Uskwood is a large hardwood forest located entirely within the shadowy nation of Nidal. Little is known about this country, as its inhabitants do not welcome foreigners, and even less about the forest which surrounds its capital, Pangolais.[1][2]

It is believed that a druidic order, all worshipers of Zon-Kuthon, dwell at the heart of Uskwood. These albino druids carry with them powerful effigies of hair, twigs, and blood that each crawl with the terrible cold of the Midnight Lord's hallowed hunting grounds. They specialise in cold magic, but are forbidden to evoke fire magic.[3]

Places of Interest

Inhabitants of the Uskwood

It is suggested that redcaps are able to do as they please within the Uskwood: roaming widely over the forest, murdering their victims and retreating to their well-hidden lairs.[5]


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