Jotund troll

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Jotund troll

Jotund trolls are fearsome, nine-headed trolls of unclear origins.1


Jotund trolls are solitary, and do not keep each other's company. They are mostly found in isolated moors, marshes, and other wastelands. A jotund troll's heads typically work in unison with one another, but tend to argue and bicker over which one gets to eat the creature's meals.1


The origins of jotund trolls are not uniformly agreed upon. Popular wisdom considers them to represent the original form that the troll species had when it first emerged in the world, and to originate from Jotungard, a mythical realm said to be located in a remote part of Elysium, from which they were released as either a punishment or challenge for mortals. Another view notes that jotund trolls are chiefly found in areas of intense magical or technological pollution, and considers them to have been altered from normal trolls by exposure to life-altering influences in these locations.1

In Golarion

Jotund trolls are rarely seen in Golarion, but are known to occur with particular frequency in the magically warped Mana Wastes and the radiation-scoured wastes of Numeria.1


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