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Guaril Karela, a Sczarni boss

Various heads of families
Regional (Wherever significant
numbers of Varisians can be found)
Small crime families
Source: Edge of Anarchy, pg(s). 67-68

The Sczarni are a loose collection of Varisian crime families, operating primarily in the cities and towns of Varisia, but found wherever significant numbers of Varisians gather.1

Goals & Methods

Sczarni focus is on the less violent crimes such as robbery, pickpocketing, and confidence schemes, and generally target only non-Varisians. They believe that this affords them the maximum profit with minimum risk. They may be driven out of town, beaten, jailed, or even mutilated, but rarely is a Sczarni put to death for his or her crimes. Their activities are notorious enough, however, that they have greatly contributed to the racial stereotype of Varisians as untrustworthy thieves. Being independently minded in the extreme, one Sczarni family will have next to nothing in common with another, other than their occupation, cultural background, and general methods.12

Many Sczarni-affiliated families train and pay independent executioners to work on their behalf when they need to eliminate someone without dirtying their own hands. These executioners are well known for their professional codes of behavior and transparent dealings.3


Most Varisians are opposed to the Sczarni and want nothing to do with them. They believe that their activities invite trouble and further stereotyping against their kind. Despite this opinion, most Varisians will offer aid to a Sczarni who is in trouble, especially when outsiders are involved.2

Notorious Sczarni


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