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Gigas can be terrifying to face
Type Humanoid
(extraplanar, giant)
CR Varies
Environment Any (various planes)
Adjective Gigas
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Source: Shadow of the Storm Tyrant, pg(s). 70–75

Gigas[1] are a race of extraplanar giants who were the first descendants of the titans. Unique to each plane the titans visited, the gigas were servants and emissaries of titankind. In time, as the gigas formed their own lordships, they spawned the giants.[2]


During the Age of Creation, the gods formed the titans from the raw substance of the planes to help them refine and develop the new, and still roughly-formed multiverse. For unknown reasons, the titans rebelled against their progenitors, declaring themselves the true lords of creation. Entire planes were destroyed in the ensuing war, but in the end the gods emerged victorious, banishing their rebellious children, the Thanatotic titans, to the Abyss.[3] The Elysian titans, who had sought for peace with the gods, were richly rewarded by the gods with realms of their own and free access to every corner of the Great Beyond.[4][5]

As the titans traveled about the planes, still hot from the fires of creation, creatures arose from their footsteps: the gigas. Each of the gigas carried within them a tiny divine spark of their creators, and were adapted to the land that spawned them. They shared the titans' enormous humanoid frames and strength, but were less powerful than their parents. Over the following millennia, the gigas bred with numerous mortal races, leading to offspring of incredible size and power. Even though some claim that rocs or gigantic vermin are the outcome of these unions, the true children of the gigas were the numerous species of giants.[4]

Just after the titans' rebellion, the gigas were hunted down by agents of the gods. Since then, they have only become rarer.[4]


Gigas are the combinations of titan flesh and planar substance, but are still humanoids, not outsiders, and have to eat and drink. They can feed on anything that comes from their home plane, but away from it, they must feed on extraplanar foods which do not taste right to their palates, and their immense size makes it very difficult to sustain themselves for long durations on other planes. Without food or drink, gigas become lethargic and eventually comatose, but do not starve to death: they never die unless killed.[4]

Two gigas of the species may have vastly different strengths and weaknesses, depending on the circumstances of their genesis and the nature of their titanic parents. The conception of a gigas is varied and does not necessarily involve two titans.[4]

Varieties of gigas

Each of the species of gigas vary greatly from one another, their nature formed not only from their various titanic parents, but also by the planes that spawned them.[6] One of the most notable of the gigas races are the Hell gigas. Other varieties include the Maelstrom gigas, Abyss gigas, and the Nirvana gigas who craft new realms of dreams in Nirvana.[2] Other species include the vile Abaddon gigas, the metal-clad Axis gigas, the mysterious and desiccated Boneyard gigas, the Elemental gigas of the planes of water, fire, earth, and air, the goodly Elysium gigas, the Energy gigas from the Positive and Negative Energy Plane, the Heaven gigas who serve the gods of that realm, and the Shadow gigas of the Shadow Plane (who most believe are extinct).[7]


Paizo published "Ecology of the Gigas" as a major article in Shadow of the Storm Tyrant.

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