Delmon's Glen

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Delmon's Glen
Nation Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Region Grungir Forest
Size Small town
Population 740
Demographics Gnomes
Government Mayoral
Ruler Mayor Bavakanka Winterlisp

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 11

Delmon's Glen is a small gnome town located in the far east of the Grungir Forest, in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, at the point where the Summermelt River flows into the Thundering River; the town's current mayor is Bavakanka Winterlisp.[1][2]

Delmon's Glen is located along the most important overland trade route that connects Jol and Varisia to the south with the northern lands. The town is unusually mundane for a gnome settlement. Most of its buildings are like Ulfen buildings except for their small size. A few larger buildings catering to visitors are located on the edge of the town, like a trading post and the popular Raven's Best inn.[2]

The small town has had trouble in the past with monsters from the southeastern badlands, especially bulettes, and Bavakanka Winterlisp many times recruited visiting adventures to protect her town.[2]