The Dead Heart of Xin

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #66:
The Dead Heart of Xin
The Dead Heart of Xin
Author(s) Brandon Hodge et al.
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $19.99
PDF: $19.99
Released January 30, 2013
Type Adventure Path issue
Binding Paperback
Pages 96 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-491-7
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Adventure Path #66
Shattered Star 6 of 6
Follows Into the Nightmare Rift
Precedes The Snows of Summer
Artwork from The Dead Heart of Xin

The Dead Heart of Xin, an adventure by Brandon Hodge with supporting material by Dennis Baker, Adam Daigle, and Rob McCreary, and fiction by Bill Ward, was released on January 30, 2013. It is the sixth and final chapter of the Shattered Star Adventure Path.

The seven shards of the Shattered Star have been recovered, and the Pathfinders prepare a grand festival on Magnimar's Irespan to celebrate this incredible achievement. The culmination of this celebration is to be the reassembly of the seven shards into the legendary Sihedron itself, rebuilt for the first time in over ten thousand years. But a lot can change in that amount of time, and as the ritual to reforge the artifact finishes, ancient contingencies rumble to life, and as the dead heart of Thassilon begins to beat again, all of Magnimar is put in terrible danger. With the power of the Sihedron on their side, the heroes take a stance against this risen evil—but will the aid of an ancient artifact be enough to save them all?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path concludes the Shattered Star Adventure Path and includes:


Foreword: "Shattered No More!" by James Jacobs (4)

Paizo Editor-in-Chief James Jacobs discusses dreading to see this adventure's potential damage to Magnimar. He also covers options for GMs if the players choose to not rebuild the Sihedron.

1. "The Dead Heart of Xin" by Brandon Hodge (6)

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"NPC Gallery" by Brandon Hodge (54)
"Shattered Star Treasures" by Brandon Hodge (58)

2. "Continuing the Campaign" by Adam Daigle (62)

GMs are given some potential plots in case the player characters fail in their final battle. Ideas are also presented for extending the campaign with exploration of the city of Xin, rebuilding of Magnimar, or ferreting out the fate of the other Runelords.

3. "Runelords of Thassilon" by Rob McCreary (68)

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4. "Child of a Distant Star" (Light of a Distant Star 6 of 6) by Bill Ward (76)

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5. "Bestiary" by Dennis Baker, Adam Daigle, and Brandon Hodge (82)

6. "Witch Queen of Worlds" (92)

The first installment of the Reign of Winter Adventure Path is previewed.

Adventure synopsis

  • 15th
  • Location(s)
  • Xin
  • Magnimar
  • Varisia