Cenotaph (Magnimar)

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This article is on the monument in Magnimar. For the dungeon in the Hold of Belkzen, see Cenotaph.

Sitting amidst the hustle and bustle of Bridgeward, the most industrial district of Magnimar's prestigious Summit region, the Cenotaph is a monument to a fallen legend. The Cenotaph is a ten-story-tall, hollow cylindrical monument dedicated to Alcaydian Indros that has become the centre of an impromptu cemetery.1

Years after its constructions the friends and family of Alcaydian began to pass away and they requested to be buried either within or around the Cenotaph. These requests soon started to include people who had never known Alcaydian and has now become a true tradition for the cities rich and elite to get buried either beneath the surrounding Mourner's Plaza. Clerics of Pharasma patrol the area, including the catacombs, to protect against undead, scavengers, and grave robbers.12

Local legend says that praying in the plaza gives a boost to ones ability to resist physical threats.2


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