Defiant's Garden

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Defiant's Garden is the name given to the mayoral residence of the city of Magnimar, located in the Vista district directly next to the Seacleft itself, it is the largest and most impressive home in all the city. Defiant's Garden only became the official mayor's residence with the rise of the current, decadent Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras, before Grobaras the mayor's residence was a humbler place within the city that kept him in touch with the people. Haldmeer Grobaras however wanted nothing so humble and took Defiant's Garden, which had previously been used as a palace for visiting dignitaries, as his personal home. The building itself is huge, being closer to a small castle than a manor, it is eight stories tall and filled with room after room of salons and lounges all devoted to the mayor's pleasure.1