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Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 216

Flayleaf is a wiry shrub with reddish-brown leaves that grows in almost any temperate environment. Leaves are harvested and dried, and when smoked produce a powerful sedative and hallucinogenic effect similar to drunkenness. 1 Harvesting the leaves of this drug are dangerous due to the Flayleaf spiders that live on the plants.1

As a drug

It is also a powerful analgesic and muscle relaxant, rendering the user immune to most pain for up to four hours. It also causes the user to become very susceptible to suggestion.1 The berries of the flayleaf plant are sometimes crushed and mixed with dream spider venom and spiderberry tea to produce a potent hallucinogen called Riddleport Tea.2 Unlike its cousin, the cabble-weed, flayleaf is highly addictive.3 Cost varies across regions, with a full pouch of it selling for around 12 gold pieces in the highly permissive city of Riddleport in Varisia.4


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