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The district of Lowcleft, or The Rubble as it is often disparagingly known, sits at the bottom of the imposing Seacleft, and is considered one of Magnimar's most vibrant neighborhoods. Lowcleft is bordered by the Seacleft to the east, while to its west lies the district of Keystone. To the north lies the Dockway, and to the south the city walls. Lowcleft is the home of avant-garde artists and performers of all sorts, and is filled with small theaters, tap rooms, hookah bars, dance halls, and even brothels. Venues in this part of town tend to show performances too innovative or shocking for the more famous Triodea theater, though there is still a connection between the Triodea and Lowcleft performers. One of the Lowcleft's most infamous nightspots, the Gilded Cage, is run by the ex-Triodea prima donna Jayleen Mordove.1


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