Dome of the Savored Sting

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The Dome of the Savored Sting is a church of Calistria in the Varisian city of Magnimar, and is located on the northern edge of that city's Keystone district. The building is topped by a yellow and black dome with a black spire, and is considered somewhat garish. Access to the temple prostitutes is only granted by the priests and priestesses to those whom they deem worthy. The church also offers paid revenge services, which the current mistress, Ayamyra, personally oversees, and also sends out patrols of leather-clad ruffians to keep the peace in the Keystone district. These patrols often run afoul of the archers sent out by the Deadeye Lodge, Magnimar's temple of Erastil. Conflict between the two groups is exacerbated by territorial disputes, compounded by differences in how each group accomplishes their goal of keeping the streets safe.1