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The Marches serve as the entrance to Magnimar for most of the land-bound traders who enter the city. The Castlegate is the first sight many traders see when approaching Magnimar and is one of only four gates which penetrate the city wall and is almost as large as the Twins' Gate in Grand Arch. The Marches are west of Lowcleft and east of the wealthier Silver Shore neighbourhood. The Marches are home to many content but not particularly wealthy folk: lower class shop owners and less skilled craftsmen. The Marches, thanks to the location next to Castlegate, are quite a busy district bustling with traders, but the neighbourhood is given no extra funding for security: it is filled with Sczarni gangs and other such thieves and conmen. Luckily the local churches of Iomedae, Erastil and Abadar all provide manpower that helps keep the district safe, or at least safer than it would be.1


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