Wardens of the Eye

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Wardens of the Eye

Adventuring party
Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 3

The Wardens of the Eye were a small group of adventurers active in the late 46th and early 47th century AR. They were led by a paladin of Aroden named Alcaydian Indros, and were instrumental in the founding of the Varisian city of Magnimar. They are still remembered and revered in that city, where countless statues of them can be found.123


The Wardens of the Eye first traveled to the mouth of the Yondabakari River in 4584 AR. There they discovered the mighty Thassilonian bridge known as the Irespan and defeated a mighty vydrarch in the waters of the Varisian Gulf. They briefly disbanded in 4606 AR when their leader, Alcaydian Indros, had a crisis of faith caused by the passing of his patron deity. They soon helped him rededicate himself to the empyreal lords, and took on the cause of leading thousands of Korvosan residents, dissatisfied with the city's growing infernal influence, westward to find a new home. They settled the refugees at the sight of their defeat of the vydrarch, founding the city of Magnimar.2


The Wardens of the Eye were known to have had the following members:3