The Whisper Out of Time

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #112:
The Whisper Out of Time
The Whisper Out of Time
Author(s) Richard Pett et al.
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $24.99
PDF: $19.99
Released December 14, 2016
Type Adventure Path issue
Binding Softcover
Pages 96 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-908-0
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Adventure Path #112
Strange Aeons 4 of 6
Follows Dreams of the Yellow King
Precedes What Grows Within
Artwork from The Whisper Out of Time

The Whisper Out of Time, a Strange Aeons adventure written by Richard Pett with support articles by Paris Crenshaw, Ed Grabianowski, James Jacobs, and Greg A. Vaughan and fiction by Jason Scott Aiken, was released on December 14, 2016.

Not-So-Sweet NothingsWith their memories once again intact, the adventurers continue their pursuit of Count Lowls. But first they must visit Cassomir, where they believe the wayward noble is meeting with an old associate, but find only danger in his absence. Next, they travel to Katheer, capital city of Qadira, to track down a blasphemous tome in a hidden library, only to discover Lowls has stolen the vile book. They then venture to the slave-trading city of Okeno to pick up the count's trail again and encounter the mysterious and alien entity that has been haunting their dreams. If they can't stop their crazed nemesis before his plans come to fruition, doom will come for all!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Strange Aeons Adventure Path and includes:

  • "The Whisper Out of Time," a Pathfinder adventure for 10th-level characters, by Richard Pett.
  • A gazetteer of the dangerous slaver city of Okeno, by Richard Pett.
  • A look into the inscrutable ways of the alien beings known as yithians, by Paris Crenshaw.
  • A diva has a fateful meeting in the Pathfinder's Journal, by Jason Scott Aiken.
  • A bestiary containing a new Great Old One and other loathsome monsters, by Ed Grabianowski, James Jacobs, Richard Pett, and Greg A. Vaughan.


Foreword: Where You've Been and Where You're Going by Adam Daigle (2)

The Whisper Out of Time by Richard Pett (4)

NPC Gallery by Richard Pett (56)

Okeno, The Yellow City by Richard Pett (62)

Ecology of the Yithian by Paris Crenshaw (68)

Pathfinder's Journal: Symphony of Madness 4 of 6 by Jason Scott Aiken (74)

Bestiary by Ed Grabianowski, James Jacobs, Richard Pett, and Greg A. Vaughan (80)

Next Month by Paizo staff (92)

Adventure overview

  • 10th
  • Location(s)
  • Cassomir
  • Katheer
  • Okeno
  • Qadira
  • Taldor