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The Kintargo Contract

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #101: The Kintargo Contract
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January 27, 2016

The Kintargo Contract, an adventure by Jim Groves with supporting articles by F. Wesley Schneider, Robert Brookes, Kalervo Oikarinen, David N. Ross, and Amber Stewart and fiction by Stephanie Lorée, was released on January 27, 2016.

Devil in the DetailsThe Silver Ravens have defeated Paracount Barzillai Thrune and liberated Kintargo, but unless steps are taken to protect what they've won, it's only a matter of time before Cheliax's rulers respond with open war—one that could likely destroy the Silver City. The key to the city's last defense may lie hidden in a sprawling scroll recovered from the wicked inquisitor: the Kintargo Contract. Within this contract's clauses and stipulations lurks a cunning loophole that gives the heroes an opportunity to use Cheliax's own love of law against it, not only securing the city, but also freeing the surrounding region from the infernal machinations of House Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus. Yet as the heroes scramble to parse the contract and Kintargo reels from its recent upheavals, an old menace from the city's past strikes. Before Kintargo can be truly safe, the Silver Ravens must save the city from a monster of its own making!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path and includes:

  • "The Kintargo Contract," a Pathfinder adventure for 13th-level characters, by Jim Groves.
  • A thorough investigation of infernal contracts, by F. Wesley Schneider.
  • A look into the secretive and enigmatic strix, by Robert Brookes.
  • Fiend hounds and infernal trickery in the Pathfinder's Journal, by Stephanie Lorée.
  • Five monstrous threats, by Kalervo Oikarinen, David N. Ross, and Amber Stewart.


p. 2

Paizo Creative Directory James Jacobs discusses ways the PCs can rebuild Kintargo after the climax of A Song of Silver, and tracks the location of a missing heart.

The Kintargo Contract
p. 4

The heroes of Kintargo go to Hell to discover a way to free Kintargo from Chelish rule, but must deal with murders, politics, and past enemies not yet vanquished.

NPC Gallery
p. 56
Infernal Contracts
p. 62

Descriptions and rules for designing, using, and escaping contracts between devils and mortals, including examples.

Ecology of the Strix
p. 68

An examination of the human-hating strix of Devil's Perch.

p. 74

The plague doctor Maharai, her companion Liset, and the mysterious Drayven close in on a fragment of the Poleiheira, a hazard from ancient Jistka, and some uncomfortable truths.

Adventure summary