Lawful neutral

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The lawful neutral alignment represents devotion to law, authority, tradition, or a strong moral code. Concepts of order and organization are paramount, though what form these concepts take is likely to differ based on an individual's perspective.[citation needed]


A Hellknight, epitome of the lawful neutral alignment.
Order begets order. My word is my bond. Chaos will destroy the world.
  — Ultimate Campaign, page 135

Lawful neutral characters are the judges of Golarion. Typically driven by a strong sense of fairness and duty, these characters are often willing to take extreme personal risk to stay true to the accepted behavior and beliefs of their deity or society. Being morally neutral, a character of this alignment sees both good and evil as tools to use to maintain order. While members of many classes can be lawful neutral, the ideal class for this alignment is monk, whose dedication to their training, tradition, and personal perfection give them a clearly structured view of the world. Sometimes, however, a lawful neutral character can take their fervor too far, becoming near-tyrannical in the name of upholding justice and order. An example of these characters in Golarion are the menacing Hellknights.[citation needed]


Lawful neutral deities often promote very structured dogmas with rationality and judgment at their core rather than the more morally-minded philosophy of those aligned with good or evil.

  • Abadar is perhaps the most popularly worshipped of the lawful neutral deities, being chiefly concerned with the proliferation of civilization, trade, and the establishment of just and sensible law.[citation needed]
  • Followers of Irori pursue self-perfection through both bodily discipline and the acquisition of knowledge.[citation needed]
  • Aroden was the patron god of humanity. Under his influence, humanity went through a period of rapid innovation and expansion.[citation needed]
  • The Azlanti god of Magic, Amaznen, was much more measured in his approach than Nethys, believing that some knowledge was better kept secret.[citation needed]


Aeons are one of the purest expressions of the lawful neutral philosophy, serving as absolute enforcers of cosmic order. They will just as readily oppose celestials as they would fiends if they found them to be acting in violation of the natural order of the universe. Axis' native population of Axiomites are the caretakers and architects of the eternal city. Formed of clouds of golden dust within which can be glimpsed complex mathematical formulas, Axiomites coalesce into forms of idealized humanoids and singularly work toward the goals of the Godmind of Axis.[citation needed]


Paizo published Faiths of Balance regarding deities aligned on the ethical axis of neutrality, Champions of Balance regarding people and organizations aligned on the ethical axis of neutrality, and Concordance of Rivals regarding neutrally aligned planes and creatures.