Ashadieeyah bint Khalid

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Ashadieeyah bint Khalid

Source: Descent into Midnight, pg(s). 87

The Sultana Ashadieeyah bint Khalid is the ruler of the shaitan genies. She lives in the Rainbow Metropolis of the Opaline Vault, capital of the Peerless Empire on the Elemental Plane of Earth. She has golden skin. The mining and mercantile interests in the Opaline Vault are efficiently managed by the sultana; each craft guild's pasha serves her.1

She has ruled the shaitans for 500 years, since her father was killed by efreet from the Plane of Fire. Under her rule, the shaitan have prospered, and have developed trade routes to the Plane of Water. However, her abiding goal is the destruction of the efreet. All of the shaitans' wealth is spent making weapons and hiring mercenaries for war on the efreet, and her foreign policy centres around gaining allies in the conflict—from mercenary jann to fire mephits.

It is whispered that she needs to win the war soon, otherwise shaitan society will collapse under the strain of the war effort.2


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