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The First World, home of the Eldest.

No beings rule the chaotic and changeable plane known as the First World, the home of the fey, but its most powerful residents are the mighty beings known as the Eldest, sometimes known as the fey-lords or the shapers.[1] They each pursue their own mysterious goals, and have little interest in the doings of lesser creatures.[2] All command great respect or fear from the other inhabitants of that strange realm,[3] and as demigods can grant spells to their worshipers.[4]


The Eldest are extremely adept at moulding the substance of the First World to their will, so their domains are oases of stability on that constantly changing plane—albeit oases that move around with their masters.[2]


The infamous Jabberwock, one of the Tane.

The Eldest were responsible for creating the fearsome living weapons known as the Tane, and could unleash them once more should they feel the need to do so.[5]

Eldest known to Golarion

Golarion has only felt the influence of the nine Eldest whose realms are, or were, coterminous with this particular part of the Material Plane.[2]

Other Eldest

In addition to the aforementioned nine, there are also many Eldest spread across the infinite First World, Eldest of past ages, or those whose realms lie so far beyond Golarion that contact is rare, including:[6]

The father of all linnorms, mighty Fafnheir, claims that he only left the First World after slaying three of the Eldest at some point in the misty depths of pre-history.[7]

Thousands of years ago, another Eldest, whose name has since been forgotten, attracted the wrath of Pharasma by siphoning part of the River of Souls; in return, he was plucked from the First World into the Boneyard to serve the Lady of Graves for an eternity.[8]

The body of the Bonefather, another of the Tane, is said to house the remains of three Eldest.[9]

In the Yara Waste, one can find the way to the Tomb of Karumaq, a former Eldest of cold and ice.[10]


Eldest are described in The First World, Realm of the Fey.

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  1. Please note that within the context of Golarion and the associated Paizo multiverse, there is no Seelie Court nor its opposite, an Unseelie Court, as in real-world tradition or in other fantasy multiverses. Instead the courts of the Eldest replace this concept. Please see Fey Revisited for more information.
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