Blistering Labyrinth

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The Blistering Vault is an isolated region at the center1 of the Elemental Plane of Earth whose boundaries are dotted with the fossilised bones of hapless visitors.12

The vault's contents all emit a strange radiation that kills most forms of life,12 and removing anything from it would spread radiation disease into the plane.1 True fire elementals and elemental scamps3 are immune to this effect, so they sometimes use this region as a refuge.2


The ruler of the Blistering Vault is the elemental lord known as Ayrzul, the Fossilised King.42 For eons, Ayrzul had never been seen outside the Vault, giving rise to speculation that he was bound or restricted in some way.2

In truth, he patiently laid in wait to secretly scheme against his foes, many of which were imprisoned in his quest for total dominion over the elements. His victories included imprisoning Sairazul, raiding the Plane of Metal for its powers over radioactive metals, and repelling an invasion by the elemental lord Verilorn of the Plane of Wood. The latter success also caused the retreating forces to return to their home plane with a radioactive plague.5

His ultimate goal is to depose Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno.5

Connections to Golarion

After the druid Sahru Sital, lover of the jabali sheikha Ghemnu the Devoted, was imprisoned by a tyrant for attempting to depose him, she used her final wish to banish the tyrant's entire palace and its contents — including herself — to the Blistering Labyrinth. This story is retold in the Firebrand folk song titled "Heart of Stone".6


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