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Confederation of independent city-states
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 23 (1E)
Rage of Elements, pg(s). 90–92 (2E)

Stonetide is a colossal nation that, while located fully in the Elemental Plane of Earth, lies along much of its border with the Elemental Plane of Water.1

Stonetide is a confederation of a huge number of city-states. It is not part of the Peerless Empire, but many of the cities' rulers are jabalis,2 and while these jabali rulers are nominally independent they still maintain close links with the jabali kingdom. Some even retain an unspoken loyalty to its Sultana.1

The cities of Stonetide are united, not just in their location but also in the similarity of their construction. All of the cities of Stonetide are built atop areas of more sludge-like rock than is normally found in the Plane of Earth and this sludge-stone is gradually eroding into the Plane of Water. Every settlement has to struggle against this constant erosion, digging ever deeper into the Plane of Earth whilst always remaining on the profitable border with the Plane of Water.1

The largest of the shaitan controlled cities is the Ascending Metropolis, a city that builds directly up into the plane. Annoyance is a smaller settlement run by ooze mephits who secretly harbour powerful magic.1


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