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Government Matriarchy
Adjective Holoma
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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 207
The symbol of Anuli, the northernmost city of Holomog.

The matriarchy of Holomog is one of the coastal nations of Southern Garund, beyond the Inner Sea region. It is generally considered to be one of the region's two most powerful nations alongside Droon. Holomog is a nation of warriors and artisans with traditions going back to the time of Ancient Azlant, and covers much of Garund's south-eastern coast.[1][2]


Volume 4 of the Pathfinder Chronicles describes the visit of legendary Pathfinder Durvin Gest and the pirate queen Mastrien Slash to Holomog. Gest abandoned Slash at the southern cliffs, but she was eventually able to install herself as Holomog's ruler. Under her leadership, Holomog underwent a period of dramatic military expansion, eventually reaching as far as the land of Geb.[3] This military expansion came to an end in 4329 AR when the mighty archmage Geb turned most of the Holomog army to stone, creating the Field of Maidens.[4]

Holomog Today

Today, Holomog stands out as a matriarchy that is not evil, yet still suffers from political intrigue, chaos cults, an evil nation of undead on their borders, and 10,000 years worth of abandoned cities and ruins. Holomog is also the only nation on Golarion that has been continuously exposed to the energies of the outer planes for millennia, causing a number of unexpected side-effects, including a unique race: the ganzi.[5]

Recently, rumors have begun to spread that Holomog may once more be preparing for war.[1]


Holomog stretches across the eastern coasts of Garund along the Obari Ocean, and borders Geb at its northern extent. The northernmost city of Holomog is Anuli.[2]