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The symbol of Anuli.
Titles City of New Beginnings
City of Stairs
Plane Material Plane
World Golarion
Nation Holomog
Region Nwanyi
Size Large city
Population 14,800
Demographics 11,339 humans, 888 aasimars, 385 lizardfolk, 296 ganzi, 1,892 other
Government Council / Matriarchy
Alignment Neutral good
Demonym Anulites
Adjective Anuli
Ruler Vacant
Images of Anuli

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 15–23

Anuli, also known as 'The City of New Beginnings',[1] is the northernmost city of the celestially empowered nation of Holomog, a distant nation in southern Garund, and is close to the southern border of Geb.[2][3]

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Anuli wraps around the Oyster Sound to its east, and the large round Crater Lake and the Ladder that feeds it both dominate its western side. The Magebe Mountains stand over the city.[2]


Historically, Anuli has been responsible for protecting Holomog's northern border against threats such as incursions from the armies of the Shory and the undead of Geb, leading to its unusually aggressive and military character among the Holoma cities.[2]

In 4606 AR, Anuli was rocked by a powerful explosion known as the Paroxsys, which annihilated a large part of the northern city and killed its current queen and all of her successors. The people of Anuli have since recovered from the disaster, with aid from the rest of their nation, and elected the druid Botoji to be their new queen. Today, the chief physical mark of the Paroxsys is the crater itself, which has since filled with water to become a large lake. The true cause of the explosion is not known, but many locals suspect Geb.[2] This has the potential to lead to war.[1]


The Apex Trading House hosts many of the city's guilds of tradesman. This congregation also leads to it being a hub for exports. Anuli has been getting a larger reputation for its products, including; local minerals, seafood, and handcrafted items. Many of these items honor the empyreal lords. Local spices such as paprika are also popular.[1]


Anulites like their food to have heat. Many of the seafood and vegetable dishes include the distinctive taste of Anulite paprika.[1]


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