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Descent into Midnight

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #18: Descent into Midnight
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D&D 3.5
February 11, 2009

Descent into Midnight, an adventure by Brian Cortijo with support articles by Wolfgang Baur, James Jacobs, Jason Nelson, and F. Wesley Schneider, a set piece adventure by Liz Courts, and fiction by James L. Sutter, is the sixth and final chapter of the Second Darkness adventure path and was released on February 11, 2009.

The End of All ThingsIn the depths of the earth, in a realm distant from the lands of light, the drow recite the final incantations necessary to bring about the end of the hated surface world. Their enemies lie defeated, and no nation rises to thwart them. Only a small band of unlikely saviors stands against the dark elves' apocalyptic plan. Braving the ageless and accursed Land of Black Blood—an entire world within the world—the PCs have but a single change to shatter the spell that threatens to throw all of Golarion into a Second Age of Darkness. But in the face of drow, demons, and terrors long banished to the depths of the earth, can there actually be any hope for victory, or is the end truly at hand? Find out in this, the world-shattering climax of the Second Darkness Adventure Path!

This volume of Pathfinder includes:


In addition to concluding Second Darkness, this volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path features an exploration of the demonic pantheon of the drow, a gazetteer of the deadly Land of Black Blood, a Set Piece adventure set in the deepest reaches of the underground world, new monsters to fill your campaign with darkness, and the final entry in Eando Kline's The Compass Stone.

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Editor-in-Chief James Jacobs discusses how designer Brian Cortijo saved the day, the prospect of designing new demon lords, his new office games, and the upcoming Legacy of Fire adventure path.

Descent into Midnight
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The heroes travel into a forgotten world hidden deep underground—the Land of Black Blood. There, they must contend with the region's monstrous guardians and defeat the drow who would use ancient magic to call down a star from the sky to destroy their enemies on the world above.

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Far beneath the surface lies the Land of Black Blood, a world within the world teeming with strange creatures, festering pools, and unnatural jungles. Discover a strange new Darklands wilderness from which few return.

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Gaze into the foulest pits of the multiverse and behold the lords that peer back! From the most fundamentally profane bowels of reality rule the demon lords of the Abyss, fiends of god-like might with plots and powers beyond the comprehension of mortals. Learn of these Abyssal warlords, their perverse cults, and the foul powers they offer to those insane enough to seek their unholy favor.

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Face the wrath of the bat-god Camazotz and his evil subterranean cult in the final Set Piece of the Second Darkness Adventure Path.

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In Absalom, the City at the Center of the World, Eando Kline must defend his discoveries before the mysterious leaders of the Pathfinder Society, the Decemvirate. As Eando's last appearance in the Pathfinder's Journal, this issue also includes a full "rogue's gallery" profile and statblock for the famous pathfinder.

Pregenerated Characters
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Adventure Overview

Descent into Midnight


Deep below the earth, the drow ready the final stage of their apocalyptic plot! In the savage underground realm known as the Land of Black Blood, devastating magics forgotten for millennia again take shape. Do the PCs dare to return to the Darklands and brave a hidden world feared even by the dark elves? And can they prevent the arcane armageddon prepared by Allevrah, drow prophet, worshiper of the demon Abraxus, and would-be usher of the end of everything?