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Season of Ghosts

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Season of Ghosts is the thirty-seventh Pathfinder Adventure Path and is expected to run from October 2023 to January 2024. This is very first 4-parted adventure path. 1

You might notice that this is our first four-part adventure path, for a very good reason! Each of this Adventure Path’s volumes take place over the course of a different season, starting with the rainy summer and ending in the spring. With each season’s passing, the stakes the heroes face escalate, and the revelations in store will shock the townsfolk of Willowshore to the core! Will your group of adventures be able to save their hometown from a mysterious supernatural horror, or will your hometown simply become the next of Shenmen’s haunted ruins?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path
The Summer That Never Was Written by Sen H.H.S. Expected October 18, 2023
In the campaign’s opening adventure, the heroes awaken disoriented and alone in a forest clearing after taking part in a traditional festival on the last day of Spring. They soon discover their hometown of Willowshore has been invaded by monsters and has fallen under a sinister spell. Yet defeating the monsters is only the first step in discovering the frightening nature of a supernatural curse that has gripped the land, and as the days of a summer plagued with rain trudge on, the grim reality facing the people of Willowshore will need true heroes to confront!
Let the Leaves Fall Written by Joan Hong, with additional articles by Tan Shao Han and Grady Wang Expected November 2023
Cut off from the rest of the world by a sinister curse, the people of Willowshore face the daunting possibility of a winter on their own. Stockpiling food, preparing for the change in seasons, and dealing with an increasing number of supernatural events take up the heroes' time as they work to make sure Willowshore is ready to face winter, but the true test lies along the ancient pathway leading west out of town. By taking this so-called Pilgrim's Path, the heroes of Willowshore can travel to an ancient monastery that, they hope, will contain clues as to how to defeat the curse. Yet what dwells now in the ruins may not part with its secrets willingly…
With No Breath to Cry Written by Dan Cascone & Eleanor Ferron, with additional articles by Jeremy Blum, Dana Ebert, Joshua Kim, and Michelle Y. Kim Expected December 2023
To Bloom Below the Web Written by Liane Merciel, with additional articles by Jeremy Blum, Joshua Kim, and Michelle Y. Kim Expected January 31, 2024

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