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Wardens of Wildwood

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Wardens of Wildwood is the thirty-ninth Pathfinder Adventure Path and is expected to run from April to June 2024. It is a three-part Adventure Path, the first to use revisions from the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project, and the first to be licensed under the Open RPG Creative (ORC) license.

As the fledgling nation of Taldor grew over millennia, it picked away at the surrounding wilderness, felling valuable trees while riling the beasts, fey, and other inhabitants into generations of cyclical violence. Only millennia later did Taldor and the forest’s eminent druids of the Wildwood Lodge negotiate lasting peace with the Treaty of the Wildwood. Even so, the forest remains a realm besieged by civilization. As forest-dwellers gather for the annual Greenwood Gala, the election of Lodge leadership, and the renewal of the treaty, there’s an opportunity to resolve old grudges—and as much potential to spark war.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pactbreaker Written by Andrew White Expected April 24, 2024
For level 5. Though they arrived as guests, the PCs are soon deputized as part-time guards for the annual Greenwood Gala, a convention for primal-tradition powerbrokers and a festival associated with the Green Faith. After entering competitions, making connections, and shutting down troublemakers, they earn a privileged seat at the ceremony renewing the Treaty of the Wildwood—a ceremony ruined when saboteurs assassinate several of the Verduran Forest's eminent leaders. This is the final insult many forest dwellers needed; as vigilantes and militias of arboreals, fey, and beasts mobilize to punish Andoran and Taldor, the PCs must avert bloodshed and maintain order long enough for the Wildwood Lodge to choose a new leader and restore peace.
Severed at the Root.jpg
Severed at the Root Written by Jessica Catalan Expected May 22, 2024
For level 8. Under surprising new leadership, the Wildwood Lodge begins a campaign of violence. Shocked, the PCs and their allies form a new lodge in exile to oppose this new regime. As they recruit new friends to their cause, the PCs must deny the Wildwood Lodge a powerful relic created by the renegade druid Ghorus, all while investigating the strange, primal magic the Wildwood Lodge has uncovered. If the PCs are to prevail, they will need to track down one of the Verduran Forest’s most dangerous inhabitants and convince her to aid their cause—or ensure she cannot aid their enemy.
Shepherd of Decay.jpg
Shepherd of Decay Written by Mike Kimmel Expected June 26, 2024
For level 11. Having neutralized the enemy's new weapons, the PCs and their allies assault the Wildwood Lodge directly to oust its murderous despot. Yet after recruiting local allies and besieging living fortresses, they discover their foe has fled to an unfamiliar realm: the Plane of Wood. The PCs pursue, arriving in an elemental town that is all too familiar with the Wildwood Lodge’s trickery. The PCs must earn the inhabitants’ trust and investigate their foe’s final gambit before giving chase into a blighted wilderness and averting an invasion that could devastate the Verduran Forest.

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