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Apocalypse horse
Chloros, an apocalypse horse.

(evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abaddon)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 12

Apocalypse horses are the greatest nightmares that serve as mounts of the Four Horsemen. Only four exist at any time: the white horse of Pestilence, the pale horse of Death, the red horse of War, and the black horse of Famine.12


An apocalypse horse resembles a large skeletal horse, standing seven feet tall at the shoulder and weighing 1,500 pounds.1


While most of the time used as mounts by their masters, apocalypse horses have been seen lent to their favoured daemonic or mortal servitors. They have also been known to travel outside Abaddon on their own, often as a precursor to more direct attention to a world from the Horsemen. Intrinsically linked to their riders, apocalypse horses cannot die in their presence.1


Left to right: Chloros, Halflight, Grace of the Flame (top right), Septisaeus.


Chloros, Charon's Pale Horse, looks long-dead with decaying green flesh pocked with holes that show the bones inside. Its touch can leech life, and its gaze can unnaturally age victims.13

Grace of the Flame

Grace of the Flame, Szuriel's Red Horse, appears hearty and fit, unlike the three other apocalypse horses. It is soaked in blood, covered in gore, and occasionally shows horrific but cosmetic wounds on its body.14


Halflight, Trelmarixian's Black Horse, looks particularly emaciated, with its midnight flesh clinging to and showing the relief of its skeleton. Its body seems to tremble and shake as it moves, and its eyes glow with the colour of Abaddon's sky. Trelmarixian rarely makes use of Halflight; whenever he rides it, he 'fuses' with the horse and is vomited out from its orifices at the destination.15


Septisaeus, Apollyon's White Horse, looks filthy and festering, covered with rancid sores dripping pus and squirming with maggots. Its neck is punctured with arrows, and it wears a crown marked with Apollyon's symbol.16


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