The First World, Realm of the Fey

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The First World, Realm of the Fey
The First World, Realm of the Fey
Author(s) James L. Sutter
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $22.99
PDF: $15.99
Released December 14, 2016
Type Sourcebook
Binding Softcover
Pages 64 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-909-7
Rules set PFRPG
Series Campaign Setting
Follows Horror Realms
Precedes Qadira, Jewel of the East
Artwork from The First World, Realm of the Fey

The First World, Realm of the Fey, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by James L. Sutter, was released on December 14, 2016.

Grim Fairy TalesExplore the First World, the legendary realm of the fey, where reality reinvents itself and strange creatures peddle stranger wares to the unwary. Learn about the godlike Eldest who rule this plane, and how to navigate their fairy courts. Delve for legendary treasures in locations too weird for mortal lands, study the lost origin of gnomes, and bargain with ageless adversaries in a realm where death is seen as a game. Whatever you do, don't blink—because nothing in the First World stays the same for long.

Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Detailed information on all the Eldest, including overviews of their strongholds and magical boons for their worshipers.
  • Dozens of bizarre fey adventure locations, from the legendary Witchmarket to the Chittering Tabernacle, with secret histories, maps of prominent cities, and more.
  • The new feysworn prestige class, allowing you to harness the power of the fairy lords.
  • New spells and magic items to help you survive the First World, as well as rules for spellcasting in the fey realm and bending the landscape itself to your will.
  • Six new fey monsters, including the skull-headed escorite and the technology-trashing bulabar, plus a new First World template and suggestions to help you create unique fey foes on the fly.


  • First World Adventures (2)
  • On the Origin of Gnomes (14)
  • The Eldest (16)
  • First World History (36)
  • Gazetteer (38)
  • The Tane (54)
  • Bestiary (56)