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A nixie, a fey water sprite.

Fey[1] are soul-bearing supernatural creatures originating from soul energy in the First World. While effectively immortal in the First World, they still have mortal souls, if of a different nature than those of the Material Plane. They cannot die without extremely powerful magic. They simply reform from the matter of the First World after some variable amount of time.[2][3] From dryads and satyrs to gremlins and nuckelavees, fey are varied beyond imagination.[4].

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Fey creatures can often have customs that are unintentionally murderous to outsiders due to their immortality in the First World. They see death as a nebulous thing that rarely has real consequence.

While no one can truly rule the First World, the most powerful fey are known as the Eldest, who command great respect and influence.[2]

Many fey in the Verduran Forest play a game called Prismati

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Paizo published a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook about fey titled Fey Revisited, and a sourcebook about fey and the First World titled The First World, Realm of the Fey. They are also among the subjects of an article in Sound of a Thousand Screams titled "The First World".

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