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Father of Linnorms
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 56

Fafnheir, also called the Father of all Linnorms, dwells in his lair in the north-central Grungir Forest in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. He is said to be the oldest and most powerful of all the linnorms. It is said that whoever slays Fafnheir and returns with his head will unite all the Linnorm Kingdoms under one rule.1234


Fafnheir is the largest linnorm on Golarion, measuring 60 feet long and weighing more than 10 tons.5


The trees, water and air around Fafnheir's lair are foul, tainted by his evil. Many cairn linnorms, who serve as some sort of bodyguard, live there, as do the undead ghosts and wights of would-be slayers of Fafnheir. Some of them remember their identity and their magical weapons, and might provide safe passage to those who manage to earn their favour, though most simply kill any living creature. Every generation, their descendants venture into the forest to reclaim their family heirlooms.6

Fafnheir's lair can be identified by a dank stench, a field of bones and numerous unhatched linnorm eggs. Young linnorms crawl in the mud just inside the cave entrance, and are sometimes hunted by Ulfen raiders who seek to cull them before Fafnheir awakes. Numerous subterranean creatures live deeper in the cave, and are treated as but insects by Fafnheir himself.6


Fafnheir claims to have slain three Eldest and subsequently crossed from the First World to Golarion, being the first linnorm to do so. He remembers the coming of Dahak to Golarion, and fought on the side of the serpentfolk during their wars against the rising Azlanti empire.47 In -6328 AR, he became the advisor of Xanderghul, the runelord of pride.8 None of these stories are verified; some skalds say that Fafnheir was forced to flee the First World by greater powers.9

According to an account, Fafnheir managed to seduce Klaiminora, fifth mate of Ragadahn, who never knew that her eggs were not his. When Ragadahn was sleeping, Fafnheir retrieved his children and fled. In another account, Fafnheir recruited an army to overthrow the Eldest, promising that without their oppression, his minions would be able to shape the First World as they wished. However, Fafnheir was too weak to fight the Eldest, and was only able to escape by sacrificing his 'army'.6


Within Fafnheir's hoard is Ridill, an ancient dragon-slaying weapon. Fafnheir justifiably fears it, and keeps it hidden.6


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