Naldak's Point

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Naldak's Point is an abandoned dwarven town near Dalun.1


The town was founded around 1600 AR by King Gutheran's youngest son, Naldak, after they fled Jormurdun. They traded their creations to the nearby Ulfen people, and lived in Naldak's Point until 3313 AR. In this year, the armies of Baba Yaga invaded what would later form the kingdom of Irrisen but, at the same time, the Tian sorceress Hao Jin approached the dwarves and offered them shelter. They refused at first, but Hao Jin returned every night with the same offer. At the fourth night, when the armies of Baba Yaga massed on the horizon, the dwarves accepted Hao Jin's offer. The sorceress transported them to her personal demiplane, the Hao Jin Tapestry.1


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