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Leader of the Bright Lions
Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 98–100

The face of rebellion in the city-state of Mzali, Sihar is the leader and founder of the Bright Lions and the backbone of the growing resistance against the tyrannical Walkena, the deathless Child-God that rules Sihar's home. Besides the treacherous work of fighting Walkena's corruption on Mzali's streets, she is also the driving force behind the revival of the worship of the Old Sun Gods, a trio of lion deities whose edicts kindled her will to fight for her people's freedom.1


Described as having the posture of a warrior but the composure of a scholar, Sihar is a tall and muscular human woman who appears to be in her mid-thirties. Her hair is tightly bound upon her head, only let down in the company of trusted friends and companions. She often dresses practically, donning blue and red clothes with golden accents in contrast to the Bright Lions' colors of red and gold. Her lifestyle balances between entering battle at a moment's notice and diplomatically discussing politics and religion, which is exemplified by her carrying a dagger and a book at all times.1

Early history

Sihar grew up in Mzali as an orphan, taken care of by priests of Walkena that had appropriated the remains of temples once dedicated to the Old Sun Gods. Like many youths in the city-state, she was taught to believe in Walkena's divine lineage and learned to write by transcribing his scriptures to be spread throughout the Mwangi Expanse. In spite of this, her proximity to the temples gave her access to the neglected ruins beneath where the teachings of Chohar, Luhar, and Tlehar managed to survive destruction during Walkena's rise to power. As she studied the forgotten paintings and inscriptions of the Old Sun Gods, she recognized how Walkena's own doctrine was built upon the blasphemous alterations of the edicts of the older Lion gods. This religious discovery came at a cost, as she lost a dear childhood friend named Mouse who was executed by Walkena himself for her affiliation to Sihar and her seditious explorations. The fact that Mouse had sold her out did not lessen the pain of her companion's death.1

After Mouse's death, Sihar affirmed her identity as a woman and chose her current name to honor the Old Sun Gods. She would soon leave Mzali to make a living as a mercenary and adventurer, which occupied her for nearly two decades. At some point during this time, she would spend several years at the Magaambya Academy under the tutelage of Janatimo, a storyteller and teacher. While studying ancient texts related to the Old Sun Gods, she also made contact with the Emerald Boughs and the Rain-Scribes while gathering sympathetic friends among her fellow students. Taking care to make allies where she may and amassing a sizable fortune in this time, she returned to Mzali with rebellious intentions that had simmered carefully through her years of travel.1

Revolution in Mzali

See also: Bright Lions

Sihar established the Bright Lions with the aid of several key individuals known within the organization as the Lion's Pride. Their activities within Mzali and beyond its walls are calculated with speed and subterfuge in mind, employing both peaceful and combative methods with care for the safety of the Mzali people. This has turned their struggle against Walkena into a secretive war of attrition, currently opposed by Themba Sufu, the head of his secret police. While the Bright Lions currently enjoy the support of the recently liberated nation of Vidrian, Sihar has found cause to be wary of other potential allies in the form of Chelaxian officials who see a common enemy in Walkena. She is also known to be considering aid from third parties that can prove themselves trustworthy, who would be in a prime position to procure the forgotten secrets still left undiscovered within the ruined temples of Mzali that began her path to revolution.2

Personal life

Sihar's closest allies are three key members of the Bright Lions; the old cook Azeeko, the lieutenant Sewell, and the halfling spymaster Xor Beninch. It is rumored that Sihar and Sewell are lovers.1

Sihar is a devout worshipper of the Old Sun Gods, whose tenets have informed many of her principles in revolution. Tlehar is especially endeared to the cause of the Bright Lions, who watches over those who are fighting for a better tomorrow.3


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