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A grippli carries a longbow and an arrow from a quiver.

A longbow is a bow, typically measuring five feet or more, that is composed of a single piece of strong but flexible wood such as elm, hickory, or yew. Due to its size and strength, a longbow can propel arrows at devastating speeds over long distances, but its effectiveness is limited to wielders who have the strength to draw it and targets that are far enough away. Longbows also typically cannot be used while astride a mount.1

As a favored weapon

Longbows are the favored weapon of the god Erastil, and those with his favor who wield it can often ignore many of its limitations.2 The deities General Susumu3 and Skode;4 the elemental lord of winds Hshurha;5 the elven pantheon,6 particularly Ketephys;7 the empyreal lords Cernunnos7 and Ylimancha;87 and the Queen of the Night Eiseth3 also favor the longbow.


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