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An osyluth.

(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 74

Osyluths, also known as bone devils, are Hell's interrogators and torturers.1


Standing nine feet tall, an osyluth appears like a withered, skeletal corpse with insectile features and a long, bony tail ending in a wicked barb. It has only vestigial wings, but can fly regardless through magical levitation. Many osyluths carry fearsome weapons made of bone, not for combat but for intimidation or torture.1

Habitat and society

Osyluths are often selected from the ranks of the most manipulative erinys. These chosen are buried, drowned, and picked over by the swarming scavengers of foul Stygia for 200 years. Assuming it survived the experience, the new osyluth that emerges loses all of its former beauty in exchange for other considerable powers.2

Osyluths serve as Hell's inquisitors, monitoring other devils and keeping order among the ranks. They are also vicious torturers who treat the torment of damned souls as an art. They enjoy being conjured to the Material Plane, where they have ample opportunity to collect information for their infernal masters. In Hell itself, osyluths congregate in calcified hives where they extract knowledge and secrets from those they torture.1


In addition to the weakening poison injected by their tail stingers, osyluths radiate an aura of bone-chilling fear and possess numerous magical abilities. These include the abilities to fly, turn invisible, teleport and limit other creatures' teleportation, create illusions, conjure walls of ice, and summon other osyluths.1

Notable osyluths


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