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Khari and the Arch of Aroden.

Large town
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 25

Khari is the southernmost settlement of Cheliax, lying at the southern end of the Arch of Aroden and the Hespereth Strait that it once spanned. Since the independence of Sargava, Khari is the only Chelish city left on the continent of Garund.12 Formerly a Rahadoumi city, Khari is the largest settlement in the province of Kharijite in the Archduchy of Longmarch.34


Desperate to prove his sanity after a catastrophically failed siege of Absalom, Chelish Prince Haliad I led what forces he could muster to the impoverished Rahadoumi region of Khari in 4137 AR. His easy victory unintentionally granted Cheliax control over the Hespereth Strait, one of the most important sea routes in the Inner Sea region, and inspired him to order an armada further south to found the colony of Sargava in the following year.5

During the Glorious Reclamation, as the Chelish Army and the Chelish Navy were moved to defend the heartland and southern coast, Khari was left with only a token force. The Rahadoumi Council of Elders quickly met and raised armies from nearby nomadic tribes and the cities of Azir, Botosani, and Manaket. After a week-long siege, Khari was retaken by Rahadoum. The Chelish navy stationed at Corentyn was alerted, but lacked the infantry support to take back Khari.6


Khari's sandstone buildings and open markets retain much of its Rahadoumi character. The harbor is dominated visually by the Arch of Aroden and politically by House Thrune, which tightly regulates all mercantile traffic.4


The lord-mayor of Khari is the known spy Marsiol Giovenci. He is known among the city's merchant class as a hardliner against black market trading and bribery, and takes state trips on behalf of Her Majestrix Queen Abrogail II.4


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