Kantha Elvignon

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Kantha Elvignon

Head of the Thin Wisps thieves' guild
Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 23

Kantha Elvignon is a freed slave who is now the head of the Thin Wisps thieves' guild. This guild is the only official thieves' guild in Corentyn, Cheliax's most westerly sea port. She is a halfling of some capability and actively recruits halflings, especially those with roguish talents or those she considers are especially handsome males. Her minimum conversation to such new halfling rogues is to inform them, courteously and professionally, about the exclusive nature of the Thin Wisp's business in Corentyn.1 Kantha has gained notoriety within Corentyn and is not renowned for her forgiveness of This Wisps who make mistakes to the detriment of her organization.23


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