Rune giant

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Rune giant
Rune giants near Xin-Shalast.
Type Humanoid
CR 17
Environment Cold mountains
Images of rune giants

Source: Giants Revisited, pg(s). 40-46

Rune giants are rare giants closely linked to Thassilonian rune magic.[1]


Rune giants are towering creatures, with nearly black skin etched with glowing runes. They stand approximately 40 feet tall and can weigh up to 25,000 pounds.[2] Their skin is warm, and a strange grinding and rumbling sound emits from them when they move. In combat they wear elaborate armor and helms, designed to reveal rune-scribed flesh. They wield enormous greatswords.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Like most giants, rune giants are long lived, on average up to about 1,200 years. Rune giants were taken by the ancient Thassilonians from the fire giant tribes and infused with rune magic. This physiological alteration was sufficient to make them their own true-breeding race of giant.[1]

The runes inscribed on their flesh are natural. They are faintly visible on the skin of newborn rune giants and, as the child reaches maturity, take on a fiery glow. The type of runes appear to be genetic, as those of a single family name bear similar runes. Crossbreeding with other families results in variation of the runes. Some claim that if one could gather all the different rune giants together the ancient power of Thassilon would be at their command.[1]

Rune giants are extraordinarily rare, and can only be found in Thassilonian ruins lost to time, especially concentrated in Xin-Shalast.[1]


When working on the rune giants, the Runelords discovered something enormously intriguing to them: hidden within the giants was a shared immortal essence, a core attribute that carried from generation to generation of giant. Each giant carried within it a timeless copy of primeval history. The runelords coveted this aspect, and exhausted great energies to harvest it. This work resulted in the creation of the Runewells, and the rune giants themselves became living avatars of the runelord's immortal ambition. The rune giants are somehow the livings key to unlocking and awakening the legendary seven immortal runelords.[1]


Paizo published articles about rune giants in Giants Revisited p. 40-46 and Spires of Xin-Shalast p. 86-87.

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