Slag giant

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Slag giant

Warm mountains or underground
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 129

Slag giants are the magical crossbreed of fire giants and stone giants, and one of the first experiments created by the runelords of Thassilon before being abandoned in favour of more powerful hybrids. They are the foremost artisans and crafters of giantkind.12


Slag giants have long limbs with lean muscles, stand 14 feet tall, and weigh 3,000 pounds. Their skin colour ranges from deep ruddy to rusty orange. Their hair is black, gray or white, cropped close, or shaved off. They can live up to 400 years.1


Slag giants are detached from everything but their work. They inherently understand metalworking and their resistance to fire allow them to work the metal with their bare hands. Slag giants often ally with other giants, providing masterwork equipment in exchange for ore and protection.3 Even the jingoistic fire giants respect slag giants and prefer to ally with them over enslaving them.1

Slag giants live in stone houses with built-in forges and chimneys near iron deposits, usually in hills or mountains. They prefer crafting to combat, but are nonetheless efficient fighters, and every settlement keeps several giant-sized breastplates ready. Slag giants often prefer to gather the equipment of fallen enemies over pursuing living ones; indeed, they will often smash up their enemies' equipment for scrap metal from which they can forge new items.3 They are open to trade, but rarely have human-sized items on hand. Those who destroy slag giants' work or forges usually end up in the fire.1


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