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Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 16
Environment Any temperate or warm land
Adjective Gegenees

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 118

Gegenees[1] are a race of reclusive, xenophobic six-armed giants.[2]


Gegenees have six arms and tusks jutting from their lower jaw. They prefer weapons such as clubs and spears, dress in skins and furs, and cover themselves in tattoos and scars. Gegenees are 21 feet tall and weigh 14,000 pounds.[2]


Gegenees are not malevolent but territorial, superstitious and xenophobic. They particularly distrust arcane spellcasters, and quickly exile any sorcerers from their clans.[2]

Gegenees tattoos are stylised, elaborate and tell the story of the individual and their ancestors. They consider it offensive when other races try to copy their tattoos, equating it with laying claim to the legacy of their families.[2]

Each gegenees chieftain is advised by three old, revered female oracles called venerable mothers who developed their powers after they plucked out their eyes to prove their devotion to the clan. Their every word is considered sacrosanct.[2]


  1. The singular and plural of gegenees are the same.
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