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Type Humanoid
CR 2
Environment Temperate hills and plains

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 84-85

A thawn, also known as a mud giant, is a grotesque, ogre-like giant. Their loathsome appearance, with diseased folds of excess skin, sickens even other misshapen mud giants, who consequently cover themselves with extensive clothing.[1]


Mud giants are draped in thick folds of their own pockmarked skin, with twisted frames, and errant tufts of oily, black hair. Thawns stand about nine feet tall and weigh 700 pounds.[1]

Habitat & ecology

Mud giants are opportunistic scavengers of carrion, gathering food from battlefields and predator kills. Although they often travel and hunt in anarchic, roving gangs, they are selfish creatures who care little for others of their own kind. They shun humanoid settlements, but occasionally attack travelers. Thawns rely on traps and stealth to stalk their prey. They are clever at trapbuilding, and often create decoys of mud and rocks covered with rags that uncannily match their warped visage. Decoys can waste attacks from hostile opponents, or guide wary prey into cunning ambushes.[1]


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