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Type Humanoid
CR 4
Environment Cold hills and mountains

Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 160

Troggles are bestial hybrids of trolls and ogres, combining the worst aspects of both their parent races.[1]


A troggle resembles a lanky ogre with leathery skin, claws, fangs, and a tail. Troggles feel most comfortable walking on all fours, but can rear up on their hind legs to attack with their claws.[1]


Troggles are barely more intelligent than animals. Trolls usually kill troggles on sight and go out of their way to slay the creatures, while ogres find them useful and treat them as pets, sometimes training them as trackers and outfitting them with weapons and armor.[1]


Troggles are far stealthier than either ogres or trolls and excel at sneaking in darkness, in which they can see perfectly. They heal wounds just as quickly as their troll parents, but share their vulnerability to acid and fire. Troggles can trip victims with their vicious bites, much like wolves.[1]


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