Guiltgorger giant

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Guiltgorger Giant

(giant, extraplanar)
Source: Clash of the Kingslayers, pg(s). 30-31

Ancient spawn of the god of destruction, legend has it guiltgorger giants formed from drops of Rovagug's spilled blood and were cursed by the very gods themselves.


Guiltgorger giants are huge, standing at least 25 feet tall. They are grossly disproportioned: their body is sickly skinny, and seven-fingered hands top arms that scrape against the ground as it walks. Their heads appear too large for the body. A cavernous maw of broken, jagged teeth, dominate their features, while sizzling drool constantly drips from the vast mouth. The giants' skins are black, dry and cracked, making a sound like rustling paper which, when combined with the sound made by the rusting brass shackles around its arms, legs and neck, creates a horrible crescendo every time the guiltgorger giant moves.1

Habitat and ecology

Guiltgorger giants have no natural habitat, according to myth they reside in the depths of the Caves of Myrkos still shackled to a frozen block of Rovagug's blood. Again according to myth, the only time they are released upon the rest of creation is when someone draws the ire of the gods themselves then they are set upon them like a divine scourge to eat and destroy.1

The guiltgorger's ecology is interesting as it has warped after the long millennia of their imprisonment. The Guiltgorger giants were created as beasts of ravenous hunger but their imprisonment has changed their stomachs turning them into a nether dimension of negative energy. There are a wide variety of rumours related to the Guilgorger's stomach but few know the truth. Similarly myth claim that the guiltgorger giants are the reason dwarves fortify their cities so heavily as some time in the distant past they nearly wiped out the entire dwarven race.1


Swallow whole
Guiltgorger giants are fond of swallowing their opponents whole which deposits them into an inescapable void of darkness and destruction.
Baleful Disgorge
After swallowing a victim whole a guiltgorger giant can vomit him forth in a spray of negative energy that hurts nearby living creatures.1