Abyss gigas

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Abyss gigas
Type Humanoid
(chaotic, evil, extraplanar, giant)
CR 16
Environment Any (Abyss)

Source: The Witchwar Legacy, pg(s). 27

Abyss gigas are gigantic humanoids of immense strength and power native to the Outer Sphere plane of the Abyss. Like all gigas, they are descendants of the titans, the eons-old progenitor race of all giant-kind.[1]

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Abyss gigas are incredibly large, black- or gray-skinned humanoid creatures, well over 50 feet in height and weighing at least 25 tons. They have no obvious organs of sight and their mouths spout large tusks from their lower jaws. They are rarely seen without their heavy adamantine full plate, which they wear effortlessly.[1]


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