Eclipse giant

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Eclipse giant
Type Humanoid
CR 19
Environment Temperate plains

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 121

Eclipse giants are massive giants who wander the world in search of eclipses to unlock their inner self.[1]


Eclipse giants are dark-skinned, decorated by symbolic representations of the occultation of celestial bodies. They stand 40 feet tall and weigh 30,000 pounds.[1]


Eclipse giants fixate their attention on the sky, searching for eclipses. In their wanderings, eclipse giants do not watch where they step and are capable of great unintentional destruction due to their gargantuan size. In the presence of an eclipse, the eclipse giant unlocks an inspired inner self that varies per individual: one might become a raging berserker, another a great playwright, and so on.[1]

Some eclipse giants, known as eclipse seers, are capable of using mathematical formulae to predict the coming of eclipses. Most eclipse seers are bards, investigators or wizards.[1]


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