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Type Humanoid
CR 4
Environment Temperate hills or forests

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 116

Firbolgs are a race of small, reclusive giants.[1]


In their normal form, firbolgs look like oversized humans. They wear their hair long and free, and many paint elaborate blue woad on their skins. Most firbolgs carry their possessions with them in great sacks.[1]


Firbolgs are crafty, cautious, reclusive, distrust most humanoids except elves, and live amidst fey far from civilisation in tight-knit clans. Each clan occupies a large wooden house, surrounded by fields.[1]

Firbolgs are less violent than most giants. In battle, they make good use of the terrain and generally do not kill unless provoked. While they rarely raid, they like to disguise themselves to joke and dupe other humanoids, most of whom are never aware of the firbolg's true nature. Firbolgs back up their trickery with their natural magic and strength.[1]


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