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A papinijuwari.
Type Humanoid
CR 13
Environment Warm plains
Images of papinijuwaris

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 188

Papinijuwaris are a race of cyclopean giants related to cloud giants.[1]


A papinijuwari is an imposing one-eyed giant whose breath reeks of pestilence. It stands about 20 feet tall and weighs nearly 6,000 pounds.[1]


Papinijuwaris can sense and feed off the life force of those infected by disease, and seek to spread pestilence. They are capable of taking the form of a shooting star to race across the skies and invisibly stalk through settlements at night, hastening the progression of diseases.[1]


Papinijuwaris are hated by their cloud giant cousins, even the evil ones, as their hunting practices offend the so-called refined giants' sensibilities. In some humanoid cultures, the sight of a shooting star heralds the arrival of a papinijuwari.[1]


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