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Type Magical beast
CR 7
Environment Warm jungles

Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 31

Ngogas are animalistic hybrids of orangutans and the cyclopes of the lost kingdom of Ghol-Gan.[1]


According to cyclopean legends, ngogas were a gift from their otherworldly patrons near the collapse of Ghol-Gan. Since the fall of Ghol-Gan, ngogas have proliferated throughout the tropical rainforests of the Mwangi Expanse and can be found as deep as Usaro.[1]


Ngogas possess the same brutality and insight as cyclopes, but lack intelligence. They were trained as war beasts by Ghol-Gani soldiers, and modern cyclopes continue to feel a sense of kinship to them, often offering them fruit and meat to gain an ally. In Mwangi folk tales, ngogas are infamous for their unpredictability and agility. They are also trained by Ruthazek as mounts for his smaller minions, relying on their speed to stage ambushes.[1]