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Storm giant
A miniature of a storm giant.

Amongst the most powerful of giant kind, storm giants often tower over 20 feet in height. They are essentially good in nature, but are mercurial and fierce like the storms after which they are named.1


Storm giants appear as massive humanoids of gargantuan proportion, averaging 19 to 24 feet in height and generally weighing between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds. They most commonly have bronze-coloured skin, scintillating green eyes, dark hair, and they are usually well-muscled; although, rarer individuals with violet skin, dark purple, or blue-black hair, and silvery eyes have been encountered. Those with violet-colored or purple-colored features are generally considered to be particularly lucky, and are often given leadership positions within storm giant communities. All storm giants are amphibious and are trained from childhood in the use of many weapons.1

They prefer to dress in short, loose tunics belted at the waist, and wear sandals on their feet, adorning themselves with expensively crafted headbands, anklets, or rings. In combat, they prefer outfitting themselves with shimmering breastplates, greatswords, and bows.1

Storm giants are easily angered by evil creatures and behavior, and prefer to attack with volleys of gigantic arrows before their foes close to melee combat.1


Storm giants tend to be loners, and prefer to live on remote coastlines or on islands in warmer climates, where they serve as the land's protectors. Their homes are well-built towers, castles, or walled compounds. There, they live off the land and cultivate enormous gardens that cover hundreds of acres, often hiring humans or elves to help them. 1 They are known to keep rocs as trained pets and guardians and sometimes even use them as enormous flying mounts.2


Storm giants are served by a small group of their own racial gods (including Aegirran, Bergelmir, Skode, Skrymir, and Tjasse), but many also worship Gozreh and Shelyn.3

On Golarion

On Golarion, storm giants can be found along the coasts of Garund, from islands off the shore of Katapesh in the east to the uncharted seas south of Sargava to the west. Two particularly large groups live in the coastal mountains of Rahadoum, and offshore on the small island known as Jagged Reach that is battered by the never-ceasing storms of the Eye of Abendego. The latter, in particular, is a site of pilgrimage for storm giants from across the world, who come to witness the power and fury of the Eye. It is tended by Arrelious Palamara, a beautiful storm giant woman who encourages visitors to mount expeditions into the Eye of Abendego before returning to feast at her side. Her home, known as Baid Asif ("Bather's Isle" in the Giant tongue), is strictly off-limits to smaller folk without a storm-giant chaperon.3

Storm giants can also be found in the Kodar Mountains, where they are among the few creatures hardy enough to withstand the extreme climate and treacherous cliffs.4


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