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An ogrekin.
Type Humanoid
CR Varies
Environment Any land
Images of ogrekin

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 204

Ogrekin[1] are the spawn of the hideous forced unions between ogres and whatever humanoids they can overpower. Grotesque creatures, no two ogrekin look the same, each bearing different deformities caused by its aberrant ogre parentage. Ogrekin are just as evil as their ogre parents and are universally shunned by other humanoids.[2]


The appearance of ogrekin varies hugely between individuals, but they are universally hideous with even the least mutated of them being very ugly by human standards. Still, ogrekin generally resemble the humanoid they were spawned from, but have horrible deformities ranging from over-sized limbs to stunted legs. No two ogrekin, even if they come from the same parents, look alike. This is only enhanced by the fact that many tribes of ogrekin are inbred, which only increases the number of abnormal deformities.[3][4]

Habitat & ecology

Ogrekin live on the outskirts of society, fitting in with neither of their parent races. Ogres view ogrekin as too weak and flimsy to be proper ogres and so are not allowed to be part of ogre tribes. Humanoids, on the other hand, regard ogrekin as hideous monsters unfit for anything except a quick death by the sword. Despite the loathing shown to ogrekin by other humanoids, ogrekin often dwell on the outskirts of humanoid society, as it makes it easier to prey on them. Ogrekin usually live in small, brutish, and often inbred clans of six or fewer individuals. These clan survive either by living on the scraps of what giants leave behind or by preying on weaker humanoids.[3][4][5][6]

On Golarion

Wildernesses like the Kreegwood in Varisia are renowned as ogrekin haunts, since they shelter the ogrekin from the eyes and fiery vengeance of the outside world while still providing easy access to humanity for whatever sick purposes they desire. Many of the most infamous ogrekin clans choose to prey on humanoids. These include the Grauls of the Kreegwood, the Shouk of Thuvia, and the Sons of Rovagug, famed gladiators of the Bloodworks of Urglin.[3][4][5][7]


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