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Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 128

River giants are a race of giants living on rafts that traverse rivers. River giants are as likely to be evil as they are good, though all members of a family usually have the same alignment on life.1


River giant skin colour varies from the green of algae to the jade of bamboo stalks. They usually have sooty black or muddy brown hair. Tall and lithe, river giants typically grow to a height of ten feet and weigh about 900 pounds.1


All river giants are short-tempered regardless of their moral outlook. Good river giants typically switch between comedic antics and quiet introspection while listening to the sounds of a river. Evil ones fancy themselves as the embodiment of a river's chaotic elements, like to hold others underwater for fun, and take no responsibility for their actions. River giants can live to be 300 years old. In battle, they prefer to fight from the water.1


River giants move where the current of rivers takes them on their rafts. They build permanent lairs made out of mud and reeds on small islands, rock formations or sediment banks where rivers come together, and use them to store wealth or meet other river giants. River giants love water travel and can often be hired to ferry travellers. Shrewd though not overly intelligent, river giants usually charge passengers depending on their estimated wealth.1

On Golarion

River giants are believed to originate in Tian Xia, although their population along the Sellen River has been increasing.2


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