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Desert giant

Desert giants are a race of desert-dwelling nomadic giants.[1]


Desert giants stand 15 feet tall on average and rarely weigh more than 2,000 pounds due to their slender build. They prefer loose robes with keffiyehs worn over travelling leathers to protect themselves from the desert winds.[1]


Desert giants require little water and can survive for up to two weeks without drinking. They prefer water, milk, and juices, and dislike alcohol. Desert giants primarily eat oasis fruits, supplemented by meat if required. They can live up to 300 years.[1]


Desert giants rarely build permanent settlements, preferring to roam across the desert and sleep outside or in mobile yurts. Desert giants guard their territory fiercely from all interlopers,[1] but have been known to treat lost travelers kindly.[2]

In Golarion

Amellas al-Hekbah is a mercenary company staffed by desert giants, hiring themselves out as guides and guards to caravans crossing the Meraz and Ketz Deserts of Kelesh.[3] They have also been spotted in deserts of Garund and Qadira.[2]


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